About Us

As a young Peace Corps volunteer in Chile, Reuben saw real poverty for the first time and never forgot it.  It was there that he learned that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE, even by the efforts of small groups of people.

Over the years, Reuben’s work with National Geographic, Discovery, HBO and Public Television took him to over 50 countries, affording a unique perspective on the complex problems facing our planet.  Wherever he would go,  Reuben was moved by the many charitable and advocacy organizations standing up against great odds to improve peoples’ lives.

Now, with NGOFilms, he is honored to be able to apply his filmmaking skills to tell a few of the stories inspired by those organizations.


What We See

All around the world, systems and communities appear to be breaking down. Governments almost everywhere seem either unable or simply unwilling to provide support for their neediest citizens. Meanwhile, NGOs are stepping forward in spite of great challenges to create positive change and improve lives.

What We Offer


With NGOFilms, we bring the highest quality filmmaking skills and creativity honed over decades of experience to organizations whose stories deserve to be told.

We tell these stories that touch the heart, that are beautiful to watch, that motivate to action, and provide momentum for change.