Who We Are

The inspiration for NGOFilms comes from the distinctive eye and style of award-winning filmmaker, Reuben Aaronson, a 35-year veteran of feature and documentary films exploring the human condition and cultures all over the world.  From Academy Awards to Emmys, Aaronson’s work is consistently recognized for its beauty and sensitivity.


What We See

All around the world, systems and communities appear to be breaking down.  Governments almost everywhere seem either unable or simply unwilling to provide support for their neediest citizens.  Meanwhile, NGOs around the world are stepping forward in spite of great challenges to create positive change and improve lives.

Not everyone has compelling and emotionally evocative stories like nonprofits.  Therein lies the challenge.

What We Offer


After thirty years, making films mostly for television in over fifty countries, I am shifting my focus to apply what I’ve learned to organizations around the world committed to changing the status quo.

With NGOFilms, we bring the highest quality filmmaking skills and creativity honed over decades of experience to organizations whose stories deserve to be told.

We all have fantastic stories, but how to tell them?  We tell your stories in ways that touch the heart, that are beautiful to watch, that motivate action, and provide momentum for change.