Award-winning Films + Emotional Connection + Bringing Change

As a young Peace Corps Volunteer, I saw real poverty for the first time and never forgot it.  It was there that I learned that change is possible, even by the efforts of a single person.

My career in film took me all over the world affording a unique perspective on the problems facing our planet.  While my work was recognized with top industry awards including Oscars and Emmys, the finished films rarely made a dent in changing the problems that I saw.

All around the world, NGOs (non profits), charitable, and advocacy organizations are standing up against great odds to speak out and work to bring about needed change.  Now, with NGOFilms, I am honored to be able to use my filmmaking skills to tell their inspiring stories while I continue to make my own longer-form documentaries about our world in need of change.                            

Reuben Aaronson, Founder/Creative Director

 (Our film Strangers in Town about immigration just won the 2019 AUDIENCE AWARD at the Takoma, Washington Brownspoint Film Festival.  See “Work.”)                                                                                


Project Angel Food was the lucky recipient of a film by Reuben Aaronson’s NGOFilms.  Not only did Reuben shoot the film beautifully, he found the most poignant way to tell the story of our drivers, who are the lifeline of our organization.

Reuben’s film brought the audience at our annual gala to tears and helped us to raise $50,000 in less than 10 minutes!”

Richard AyoubExecutive Director, Project Angel Food

NGOFilms came to our rescue. We are a small organization with a large mission: to help bring about peace in the Middle East.  We needed a short video to put on our website and Reuben brought his heart and talent to the job.  Now his film is our calling card to the world.

Yehuda StolovExecutive Director, Interfaith Encounter Association, Jerusalem

“Every American should have the opportunity to see Strangers in Town…an amazing job of conveying a moving true story of humanity at its best.”

Marcia CebulskaPlaywright and Novelist